Reborn Chinese drama

Title: Reborn

Chinese Title: 焕羽 / Huan Yu

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Youth, Romance, Mystery

Director: Liu Zi Wei

Screenwriter: Qian Jing Jing, Xu Zi Yuan

Producer: Yang Xiao Pei, Cao Xue Feng, Huang Jie, Li Li Ming, Jin Wei Ran

Production Company: Xixi Pictures

Reborn Synopsis


In 2007, 16-year-old girl Qiao Qingyu and her family, tormented by rumors about her sister Qiao Baiyu’s death, were forced to relocate from their small county town of Shunyun to the provincial capital of Huanzhou. To quickly restore their family’s normal life, Qing Yu, with the help of her classmate Ming Sheng, began searching for the true cause of her sister’s death. As the truth gradually revealed, Qing Yu was shocked by the injustice her sister Bai Yu had endured and resolved to seek justice for her.

Reborn Cast


Zhang Jing Yi as Qiao Qingyu
Zhou Yi Ran as Ming Sheng
Wu You as Qiao Baiyu
Huang Xi Yan as Qiao Jinrui
Liu Dan as Li Fanghao
Wang Yi Di as Wang Mumu
Chen Xi Xu as Qiao Lusheng
Huang Yi as Qiao Jinyu
Sun Tian Yu as Ye Zilin
Heliao Luyun as Chen Hao
Liu Zi as Wang Anna
Cao Wei Yu as Ming Qiuxin
Lu Xiao Lin as Fang Yanqiu
Cui Hang as He Feihai


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