My Marquis Doesn’t Favor Me

My Marquis Doesn't Favor Me Chinese drama
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Title: My Marquis Doesn’t Favor Me

Chinese Title: 我家侯爷不宠我 / Wo Jia Hou Ye Bu Chong Wo

Broadcast Network: LeTV, Sohu TV, Youku

Broadcast Date: 06 February 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy

Director: Lai Shui Qing

Screenwriter: Qin Ya Ya

Episodes: 24

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My Marquis Doesn’t Favor Me Synopsis


The domineering female tycoon, Su Li, seeks to uncover her mother’s whereabouts while also obtaining a pass that would open up trade routes. So, she marries into the Marquis’s house, where she encounters Xiao Baiyan, the cold-faced young Marquis, with whom she shares a predestined connection. Accidentally, she discovers a secret that suggests Xiao Baiyan might belong to the blood clan. This discovery kicks off a sweet life between Su and Xiao, where they pretend to be a loving couple in front of their elders while unraveling each other’s secrets and engaging in witty banter behind their backs.

My Marquis Doesn’t Favor Me Cast


Luo Si Qi as Su Li
Li Xing You as Xiao Baiyan
Li Zu Ying as Chu Yunche


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