Mutual Redemption Love

Mutual Redemption Love  Chinese drama
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Title: Mutual Redemption Love

Chinese Title: 撒野 / Sa Ye

Broadcast Network: Kuaishou

Broadcast Date: 20 October 2023

Genre: Republican, Romance

Director: Lin Qing

Screenwriter: Kang Wei, Li Xuan Er

Executive Producer: Shen Jin Fei

Episodes: 30

Mutual Redemption Love Synopsis


In the wake of the Qing Dynasty’s collapse in 1912, the last royal princess faces tragedy as her family is ruthlessly exterminated. Raised in secrecy by a loyal servant, the princess harbors a burning desire for revenge.

In 1915, the princess whose name is now Rong Yan infiltrates the household of Lu Sheng, the conspirator responsible for her family’s demise, disguising herself as his concubine. Teaming up with Yu Mo (Wang Jiali), Lu Sheng’s translator, and reuniting with young marshal Lu Tianyou, they exact a plan for justice, setting the stage for a tale that unfolds on a wedding night.

Mutual Redemption Love Cast


Qi Yan Di as Rong Yan
Li Zhuo Yang as Lu Tianyou
Wang Jia Li as Yu Mo
Cao Fei Fei as Liu Meina
Lan Cheng as Lu Sheng (warlord)


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