Don’t Disturb Me Farming

Don't Disturb Me Farming Chinese drama
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Title: Don’t Disturb Me Farming

Chinese Title: 别打扰我种田 / Bie Da Rao Wo Zhong Tian

Broadcast Network: Mango TV

Broadcast Date: 06 March 2024

Genre: Romance, Farming

Director: Lv Hai Dang

Screenwriter: Lu Su, Wang Li Li

Episodes: 24

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Don’t Disturb Me Farming Synopsis

Zhuang Xiaoman, a beautiful and innocent village girl, and Lin Xian, a cold and arrogant CEO, due to a secret engagement arranged years ago by their families, the two become fiancé and fiancée. As they start living together in a farming life, they unexpectedly stumble upon true love while navigating the ups and downs of their relationship. Their journey is filled with romance, sweetness, and unexpected surprises.

Don’t Disturb Me Farming Cast

Li Zhuo Yang as Lin Xian
Qu Meng Ru as Zhuang Xiaoman
Liu Mu Zi as Chen Jingwen
Yu San as Su Zifeng
Huang Hai Tao as Jiang Hao
Pan Xiao Xue as Lu Yao

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