Legend Of Anle

Legend Of Anle Chinese drama
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Title: Legend Of Anle

Chinese Title: 安乐传 / An Le Zhuan

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 12 July 2023

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Cheng Zhi Chao (chief), Ma Hua Gan, Li Hong Yu, Su Fei

Screenwriter: Zhao Xuan, Li Xin Ran, Lu Xing Xuan, Leng Xue

Producer: Mei Zi Xiao (chief), Tian Fang, Mei Qing Hai, Sun Yu Yang

Executive Producer: Xie Ying (chief), Liu Jia Li

Art Director: Chen Xin

Stylist: Yang Xiao Hai (makeup & hair)

Action Director: Song Chong Guo

Stylist: Ai Wen (costume)

VFX Supervisor: Liu Chong Ya

Music Director: Wu Shu Ting

Dubbing Guide: Bian Jiang, Bai Xin Zan

Production Company: Youku, Shanghai Films & Media

Episodes: 39

Legend Of Anle Synopsis


A heart-wrenching tale between Ren Anle, the sole survivor of a clan falsely accused of treason against the imperial family and Crown Prince Han Ye who has fallen for her.

Di Ziyuan is a righteous woman who cares for the common people. A descendant of the founding fathers of the nation, she loses everything and everyone she loves due to unforeseen events. Unwilling to be shackled by fate, she takes the name Ren Anle and decides to do what she can to help the victims of war. While she aspires to restore peace in the land, she also conducts her own investigation to clear her family’s name.

Due to her virtuous acts, the people have come to hold Ren Anle in high esteem. She also wins the admiration of Crown Prince Han Ye. She assists Han Ye in exposing rampant fraud at the imperial exams and corruption across disaster relief operations in Jiangnan. When war erupts along the borders. Ren Anle decides to follow Han Ye to war. Han Ye ultimately helps Ren Anle uncover the truth to right the wrongs from the past.

Legend Of Anle Cast


Main Roles

Dilireba as Ren Anle / Di Ziyuan (voiced by Liu Xiao Yu), chief of An Le Abobe. Daughter of Di family and future Crown Princess
Gong Jun as Han Ye (voiced by Zhang Fu Zheng), Crown Prince of Da Jing Kingdom
Liu Yu Ning as Luo Mingxi (voiced by Liu Yu Ning), Minister of Justice

Supporting Roles


Yang Ming Na as Sun Yujun (voiced by Li Jin Yan), Dowager Empress
Zong Feng Yan as Han Zhongyuan, Emperor Jia Chang (voiced by Lin Qiang)
Xia Nan as Princess An Ning (voiced by Liu Qing), Elder Princess
Ma Yi Rui as Princess An Ning (young) (voiced by Zhang Tong Shuo)
Zhan Xiao Nan as Di Shengtian (voiced by Qiu Qiu), current head of Di family. Di Ziyuan’s aunt
Chen Ke Xiao as Wen Shuo / Di Jinyuan (voiced by Zhang Dong), Di Ziyuan’s younger brother and current associate of the Crown Prince
Shang Xin Yue as Yuan Qin (voiced by Liu Rui), advisor of An Le Aboe. Di Jinyuan’s wife
Long Shui Ting as Yuan Shu (voiced by Cai Hai Ting), second-in-command of An Le Aboe
Sun Xin Hong as Gu Yunnian (voiced by Tang Shui Yu), Marquis Zhong Yi
He Bin as Jiang Yu, Left Minister (voiced by Wu Ling Yun)
Gao Yi as Wei Jian, Right Minister
Zhang Yi Kai as Ji Li (voiced by Sun Zhi Cheng), Han Ye’s guard and head attendant of the Forbidden Palace
Zhang Xin Hao as Jian Song, commander of Eastern Palace’s forbidden troops
Yan Zhi Ping as Qian Guangjin, Minister of Revenue
Hu Jin, Zhao Fu, head eunuch. Emperor Jia Ning’s attendant
Kong Yu Hao as Bai Zheng, Princess An Ning’s guard
Li Xiao Lei as Liang Xi, Princess An Ning’s attendant
Chen Jie as Nanny Sun, Empress Dowager’s attendant
Pei Zi Tian as Mo Bei / Leng Bei (voiced by Yi Fan), prince of Northern Qin. Disguised as Princess An Ning’s guard
Bai Bing Ke as Mo Shuang (voiced by Qiao Su), princess of Northern Qin
Ning Xiao Hua as Pei Zhan, Minister of the Court of Judicial Review
Li Shuai as Huang Pu (voiced by Liu Ruo Ban), Vice Minister of the Court of Judicial Review
Gu Family
Da Ni Ya Er Duo Li Kun as Gu Qishan (voiced by Yun Wei Yi), son of Gu Yunnian
Gao Bei Bei as Madame Gu (voiced by Li Si Jia), wife of Gu Yunnian
Zhu Rong Rong as Li You, Gu Yunnian’s aide
Li Shu Ting as Di Cheng’en (voiced by Zhang Hui Lin), a beggar who resembles Di Ziyuan. Luo Mingxi’s chess piece
Li Zi Xuanas Di Cheng’en (young)
Wang Yi Ting as Lin Lang (voiced by Zeng Rong), top courtesan of Ling Xiang Brothel. Luo Mingxi’s subordinate
Qin Xiao Xuan as Mu Qing (voiced by Sun Lang Lang), Di Chengen’s guard
Liu Han Yang as Zhong Hai, deputy general of Qing Nan City. Old soldier of Di army
Yuan Zhi Ying as Lin Cong, son of the Director of the Ministry of Works
Chen Jing De as Xu Hanmo
Wei Chun Guang as Zhong Liwen, Prefect of Jiangnan Mu Tian Manor. Gu Yunnian’s younger brother
Du Zi Yangas Zhou Fu, scholar
Yu Xuan Chen as Wu Yue, scholar
Dong Si Chenas Han Ningxi
Zhang Jing Da as Wang You
Guo Yun Fei as Zhang Jian, Marquis Zhong Yi’s previous guard who is actually an old soldier of Di army
Sun Yu Yang as Storyteller
Wang Zheng Quan as Storyteller


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