Imagination Season

Imagination Season Chinese drama
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Title: Imagination Season

Chinese Title: 创想季 / Chuang Xiang Ji

Broadcast Network: Zhejiang TV

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Business

Director: Cao Dun, Zhao Xing

Screenwriter: Gao Yuan, Zhao Xing

Production Company: Beijing TV, Mokexing Yingye, Changjiang Culture, Sanren Media

Episodes: 39

Imagination Season Synopsis


About four friends in university who meet after graduation and decide to start a business together. They prepare to use the mindset of the Internet generation coupled with a whole new business model, to serve the ones Beijing drifters who are facing the problems of renting a room. Through mutual understanding and cooperation, and after an ongoing series of challenges, they finally manage to achieve their dreams.

Imagination Season Cast


Jia Nai Liang as Yu Pengyue
Qiao Xin as Wang Ruoyu
Zheng He Hui Zi as Xu Zishan
Pang Han Chen as Li Tengfei
Cao Lu as Yang Xinwei
Wen Yi Fan as Zhou Yan
Bai Fan as Chen Lusheng
Du Zi Ming as Ye Zhiqiu
Peng Bo as Cheng Feifei
Cao Wei Yu as Wang Shuo
Li Yan Man as Chen Taizhen


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