Flourished Peony Chinese drama
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Title: Flourished Peony

Chinese Title: 国色芳华 / Guo Se Fang Hua

Broadcast Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Business, Romance

Director: Ding Zi Guang

Screenwriter: Zhang Yuan Ang

Producer: Sun Xu

Production Designer: Long Ya

Production Company: Huace Media

Episodes: 40

Flourished Peony Synopsis


This was an unrestrained, incredibly lively dynasty, and everyone in the world loved peonies. He Weifang, whose childhood was Mu Dan, was born as the daughter of a merchant. Because of her frail health, she had no choice but to marry into a noble and meritorious family to sheer back luck and sickness — the Liu family. But life after marriage was unsatisfying.

Her husband’s fickle nature and her stubbornness could not mix in the end, and finally, they decided to divorce. After leaving her husband’s house, Mu Dan strived for independence and set up a barren garden by herself. Using her unique technique of cultivating rare peonies, she created her own planting industry and gained fame in the capital.

Flourished Peony Cast


Yang Zi as He Weifang / Mu Dan
Li Xian as Jiang Changyang


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