Five Kings Of Thieves

Five Kings Of Thieves Chinese drama
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Title: Five Kings Of Thieves

Chinese Title: 五行世家 / Wu Xing Shi Jia

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 23 March 2024

Genre: Republican, Fantasy, Adventure

Director: Ju Xing Mao

Screenwriter: Zhou Bing, Li Zong Sheng, Su Fa, Yuan Chun

Producer: An Xiao Fen, Yan Dan Dan, Liu Lu, Yu Bo, Song Jian Peng, Guo Lin

Executive Producer: Xie Ying

Art Director: Sun Li

Production Company: Youku, Desen International Media

Episodes: 12

Five Kings Of Thieves Synopsis


During the Warlord Era, the mysterious jade beads that people have been trying to track down for generations appeared in jianghu. According to the legend, sealed within it are clues to a priceless treasure that symbolizes the throne. At this time, revolutionaries and progressive students launched a campaign to protect the national treasures. The central plains united under the leadership of the “Five Elements Families” to eradicate Zhang Siye and Japan’s Black Dragon Association. Through a series of circumstances, Huo Xiaoxie is caught in the fray and eventually integrates the five elements to become a force to be reckoned with in the revolutionary struggle to restore China.

Five Kings Of Thieves Cast


Wang Da Lu as Huo Xiaoxie
Ren Min as Shui Yao’er
Zhao Hua Wei as Zheng Zedao
Wang Xiu Zhu as Hei Sanbian
Tan Xiao Fan as Lin Wan
Wang Ruo Lin as Yan Jingtian
Hei Zi as Fourth Master Zhang
Ju Xing Mao as Innkeeper Qian
Bao Xiao as Pan Zi
Xing Min Shan as Mr. Zhou
Zhao Liang as San Zhi Liu
Huang Hai Bing as Shui Wang
Zhang Shuang Li as Mu Wang
Feng Jian Yu as Song Peng
Wang Shuo as Huo Wang


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