Fall in Love Again

Fall in Love Again Chinese drama
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Title: Fall in Love Again

Chinese Title: 再见已是白月光 / Zai Jian Yi Shi Bai Yue Guang

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 15 March 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Chen Wei Qin

Screenwriter: Yan Ci

Producer: Zhou Bin

Episodes: 21

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Fall in Love Again Synopsis

Six years ago at a wedding at sea, the bride Zhou Mian is maliciously left at the altar. She falls into the sea and is rescued by Mai Ke. It is only then that she learns her fiancé Lu Yunkai is closely related to her parents’ death. She forms a “Victim Alliance” with Mai Ke and is bent on revenge.

Six years later, Zhou Mian returns to a domestic charity banquet as the top international designer He Erxin, facing Lu Yunkai head-on. Suspicious that He Erxin is his deceased wife Zhou Mian, Lu Yunkai tests her constantly. Zhou Mian does not give in and instead boldly joins Lu Yunkai’s Wuxin Company. In order to expose each other’s secrets and strategize against each other, the fake couple actually flirt with each other and almost get too intimate.

Zhou Mian discovers that in the past six years, Lu Yunkai has never given up searching for her. There is more than meets the eye to the accident at her parents’ toy factory, and Mai Ke repeatedly uses despicable means to urge Zhou Mian to defeat Lu Yunkai. At the last moment, Zhou Mian switches sides and joins forces with Lu Yunkai to resolve the crisis, uncover the truth, and rekindle their love.

Fall in Love Again Cast

Dai Yan Ni as Zhou Mian
Deng Chao Yuan as Lu Yunkai
Luo Mi as Tong Wan
Wei Yan Kan as Jiang Fei
Sun Ying Hao as Hua Chi
Hu Yi Yao as Song Ruozhao
Xin Xue Cheng as Mai Ke
Jin Qiu as Xin Xin

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