Bride’s Revenge

Bride's Revenge Chinese drama
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Title: Bride’s Revenge

Chinese Title: 步步为陷 / Bu Bu Wei Xian

Also known As: 百日新娘 / Bai Ri Xin Niang

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 8 February 2024

Genre: Republican, Romance

Director: Lin Qing

Screenwriter: Sun Yan L

Producer: Zhang Li

Executive Producer: Shen Jin Fei

Production Company: Tangstar Media, Li Zhen Culture

Episodes: 30

Bride’s Revenge Synopsis

Ye Qing Lan, the only daughter of the second branch of the Ye family, was framed by the former eldest young master of the Mu family. Then she becomes an unwilling bride to wash away bad luck, which ensues in revenge. From now on, Ye Qing Lan has to fight green tea bitches, scumbags and an evil mother-in-law.

Bride’s Revenge Cast

Main Roles

Wei Tian Hao as Mu Ancheng
Qu Meng Ru as Ye Qinglan
Dai Gao Zheng as Mu Anhe / Tang Zifeng

Supporting Cast

Dong Yan as Ye Qingqing
Hou Ying Jue as Madame Mu
Hu Xi Fan as Lord Jin
Zhang Rui En as Zhi Xia
Pan Yun De as 12th Master

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