Drama: Eight Hours ( Tong Mengshi, Shane Xiao Yan, Ming Ren Yankai, Zhu Danni )

Drama: Eight Hours ( Tong Mengshi, Shane Xiao Yan, Ming Ren Yankai, Zhu Danni )

Title: Eight Hours / Please! 8 Hours

Chinese Title: 拜托了!8小时 / Bai Tuo Le 8 Xiao Shi

Broadcast Website: iQIYI

Broadcast Date: 08 December 2022

Director: Ding Yangguo, Lan Haihan

Screenwriter: Tian Ran, Chen Yiguo, Ma Xiaoyu

Production Company: iQIYI, Wonderland, TVZone Media Co, Xi’an Television Copyright Exchange, Xiamen Film Industry Service Center Co. Ltd.

Executive Producer: Wu Zheng, Wei Jian

Producer: Zhang Xiaomei, Zhang Yi, Lin Qing

Genre: Futuristic, Romance, Science Fiction

Episodes: 36


A genius in black technology and an AR (augmented reality) expert who used to be the biggest enemies become each other’s lifelong love. They shuttle back and forth between a virtual wuxia world and the reality that they live in.

In the year 2029, Ye Tian, the president of Azure Group gets into an accident and falls into a permanent coma. His company will be releasing his posthumous work known as the “Pangu” system. In order to have one last look at the fantasy world that Ye Tian designed, Bai Wei enters “Pangu” and is surprised to find a living, breathing Ye Tian.

As it turns out, there was an attempt on Ye Tian’s life and his consciousness is now stuck inside “Pangu.” Once he dies in the virtual world, he will also disappear for good. Bai Wei exends a helping hand to his former opponent, thus giving rise to an impossible rescue mission to “swap the bodies.”

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