Tang Detective Di Renjie

Tang Detective Di Renjie
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Title: Tang Detective Di Renjie

Chinese Title: 大唐狄公案 / Da Tang Di Gong An

Also known As: Judge Dee’s Mystery

Broadcast Network: CCTV, Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Mystery

Director: Li Yun Liang, Wen Zhang

Production Company: iQiyi, Ruyi Films, Noble Spirit Media

Episodes: 66 (Season 1: 32)

Tang Detective Di Renjie Synopsis

The main story is that during the period of Wu Zetian, the imperial court issued official appointments and dismissals. At this time, Di Renjie, who wanted to make a difference, had to embark on the road to a remote town in the east. Relying on his talent for solving crimes, he solved the problems repeatedly, but as he continued to deepen, he found that the cases became more and more complicated. He traveled throughout the Tang Dynasty, solved countless strange cases, and finally returned to Chang’an.

Tang Detective Di Renjie Cast

Main Roles

Zhou Yi Wei as Di Renjie
Wang Li Kun as Cao An
Zhong Chu Xi as Empress Wu

Supporting Roles

You Yong as Hong Liang
Ji Ta as Qiao Tai
Ling Zi as Ma Rong
Clara as Yu Su
Zhang Yi Jie as Lieutenant
Yuan Shuai as Zhou Changyi

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