Ray Of Sunshine Chinese drama
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Title: Ray Of Sunshine

Chinese Title: 橙色光芒 / Cheng Se Guang Mang

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Workplace, Life

Director: Hui Kai Dong

Screenwriter: Xie Yan Yan

Producer: Yang Bei

Production Company: iQiyi

Episodes: 40

Ray Of Sunshine Synopsis

Xie Linhui, the editor-in-chief of the financial magazine, is a well-respected reporter in the industry with sharp words and the courage to tell the truth. She also has a bold and proud character and is easy to offend others. Because she disagreed with the president’s business philosophy, she had a rift with him and was no longer reused.

With the rapid development of China’s Internet, Xie Linhui led the old department to change the form of news reporting and conduct in-depth visits to the highly competitive investment industry. But the reality is cold. In the process of investigating the illegal business operations of the partners of “Yuqi Investment”, she encountered repeated setbacks and frame-ups, and thus met Jiang Yidi, an investment manager who worked hard to merge with others.

The two people from different camps cooperated because of their common ideas. At the critical moment when the smart medical company “Huake Vision” was facing bankruptcy and liquidation, they joined forces to save the company’s reputation. After a series of events, Xie Linhui started a business, and her husband Zhou Hang was always by her side. The two, whose relationship had weakened, got back together. Jiang Yidi continued to grow and eventually became a young and promising investor.

Ray Of Sunshine Cast

Tan Zhuo as Xie Linhui
Gao Ye as Jiang Yidi
Liu Yi Jun as Zhou Hang
Lin Yu Shen as Yu Shi

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