Yang Mi Talks About Her Role In Nothing Can’t Be Undone By A Hot Pot

Yang Mi Talks About Her Role In Nothing Can't Be Undone By A Hot Pot

Yang Mi’s latest film, “Nothing Can’t Be Undone By A Hot Pot,” officially premiered today, showcasing her remarkable versatility as an actress. In this movie, Yang Mi took on new challenges and made some fascinating attempts. Before the release, she was interviewed about her experiences with “breaking and rebuilding” both on and off-screen.

Yang Mi’s character, Yao Ji, is from Chongqing, and the film features a scene where she speaks in the local dialect. To prepare for this role, Yang Mi learned the Chongqing dialect and even avoided speaking with her family members, who have a Beijing accent. However, when she met her co-stars Yu Qian and Tian Yu on set, she was reminded of the Beijing accent.

Yang Mi had to dye her hair red.

Yang Mi also underwent a dramatic transformation for the role, bleaching and dyeing her hair red. Although the director initially wanted her to have “all red hair,” Yang Mi was hesitant due to concerns about damaging her hair. She compromised by shampooing and conditioning her hair daily on set.

The majority of the film was shot in front of a hot pot, filling the set with a savory aroma. Unfortunately, Yang Mi can’t handle spicy food, despite her desire to try it. She revealed during the “Nothing Can’t Be Undone By A Hot Pot” Weibo live broadcast that her favorite is non-spicy hot pot.

When asked about her future projects, Yang Mi mentioned that there are many follow-up works in the pipeline, and she’s committed to taking on roles that resonate with her. While she’s open to exploring non-commercial projects, her primary focus is on the script and the team she works with. As for the number of roles she takes on, Yang Mi emphasized that she doesn’t care, as long as the role is meaningful and fulfilling.

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