The Game of Blazing Love

The Game of Blazing Love Chinese drama
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Title: The Game of Blazing Love

Chinese Title: 炽爱游戏 / Chi Ai You Xi

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Romance, Suspense

Director: Xi Dao

Producer: Liu Hua Bo, Mu Jing Wen

Production Company: Youku, Impossible Film

Episodes: 24

The Game of Blazing Love Synopsis

It tells the story of Xu Nuo, the daughter of the Yuanfei Group, who grew up doted on by her parents. After returning from studying abroad, she was shocked to find that her originally happy family had been shattered and her mother had been purged and left the house. Her unrelated brother Shen Jiahe, who has been fostered in her own home since he was a child, is about to inherit the family business on her behalf, and her father’s fiancée turns out to be Shen Jiahe’s rumored girlfriend Bai Xia, who was also her old enemy.

Xu Nuo saw through Shen Jiahe’s plan, and to regain Yuanfei and expose his true face, she strategized step by step, seducing Shen Jiahe into gambling on a “game of love” with her, and from then on the process of the two falling in love and killing each other began.

The Game of Blazing Love Cast

He Rui Xian as Xu Nuo
Fan Zhi Xin as Shen Jiahe
Wang Zu Yi as Chi Ye
Huang Qiao as Bai Xia
Fang Han Bing as Yuan Dandan
Chen Yi Sha as Su Rong

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