Regeneration Chinese drama
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Title: Regeneration

Chinese Title: 新生 / Xin Sheng

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 06 May 2024

Genre: Suspense

Director: Shen Ao

Screenwriter: Shen Ao, Zhang Yi Fan, Zheng Lin, Gao Bo Yang

Producer: Zheng Lin, Gao Bo Yang

Episodes: 10

Regeneration Synopsis

Female journalist He Shan was invited to attend Fei Ke’s memorial service, along with five other strangers who each had an unknown connection to Fei Ke.

They soon discovered that they all knew different versions of Fei Ke, leaving them to question who he really was. Together, they retraced their memories and gradually uncovered the truth about Fei Ke.

Regeneration Cast

Jing Bo Ran as Fei Ke
Zhou Yi Ran as He Shan

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