Step By Step Love

Step By Step Love Chinese drama
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Title: Step By Step Love

Chinese Title: 步步倾心 / Bu Bu Qing Xin

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 28 March 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Shen Jin Fei

Screenwriter: Kang Liu Liu

Episodes: 28

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Step By Step Love Synopsis

The story unfolds with the encounter of the space designer Bu Ran and Lu Cenyang, a boss with matching design talents. Going through challenges, they both tread steadily and resolutely on the path to chasing their dreams. Despite various adversities, they remained passionate and true to their hearts and earned valuable rewards within their industry.

Step By Step Love Cast

Zhao Zhi Wei as Lu Cenyang
Lu Yang Yang as Bu Ran
Chang Bin as Qin Xun
Ni Mei Shi as Yao Lefei / Lu Siqi
Hu Bo Wen as Yi Zihe
Zhang Lan Yi as Carry
Zhang Ying Bing as Meng Kexin

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