The Missing Snowflakes

The Missing Snowflakes Chinese drama
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Title: The Missing Snowflakes

Chinese Title: 眉间雪 / Mei Jian Xue

Genre: Historical, Romance

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 29 April 2024

Director: Kong Li Da

Screenwriter: Xu Jia Man

Episodes: 18

The Missing Snowflakes Synopsis

The twin girls who were substituted for marriage were transformed into princesses of herbal medicines, their medical skills covered the sky, and they married first and then fell in love with the Ice Mountain Prince. [Translated]

The Missing Snowflakes Cast

Zhao Jia Min as Lin Huanhuan / Lin Shangshang
Li Jun Chen as Shangguan Li
Du Rong Yi as Crown Prince
Zhao Jiu Yi as Emperor
Sun Zheng Yu
Cheng Yi as Jia Jia

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