Bell Ringing

Bell Ringing Chinese drama
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Title: Bell Ringing

Chinese Title: 你的岛屿已抵达 / Ni De Dao Yu Yi Di Da

Broadcast Network: Mango TV

Broadcast Date: 22 February 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Zhao Si Ying

Screenwriter: Gu Yun Yang, Long Chen Hong Yu

Episodes: 12

Adapted from the novel Ta De Ye Gu (她的野骨) by Ni Zhe Ban Dong Ren (你这般动人)

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Bell Ringing Synospsis

The fantasy love story of a hundred-year-old lonely knight Chi Ye and a cunning fox girl Shen Qi on the paradise-like Silver Bell Island. When Shen Qi’s silver bell rang for Chi Ye again, the gears of love began to turn, and together they experienced the fireworks of the world on a small island isolated from the world. Looking back at the memories of a hundred years ago, the two of them guard the tragic past. What choice will they make a hundred years from now?

Bell Ringing Cast

Li Dai Kun as Chi Ye
Song Fang Yuan as Shen Qi
Miao Wei Lun as Qi Yang
Yu Yi Lei as Luo Fei
Zhuang Yuan as Xiao Cai

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