Love Is Always Online

Love Is Always Online Chinese drama
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Title: Love Is Always Online

Chinese Title: 对的时间,对的人 / Dui De Shi Jian Dui De Ren

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Broadcast Date:

Genre: Romance

Director: Zhou Xiao Peng

Screenwriter: Liu Ci Xuan

Production Company: 1CM, Enlight Media

Episodes: 39

Love Is Always Online Synopsis

Jiang Anlan, CEO of Shi Rui company, wants to search for the woman named Yao Yuan who saved his life when he was young. When he finds out that she plays an online game named “Sheng Shi”, he then enters the game and saves her life, before proudly declaring they get married in the game. The two then begin dating in real life. However, Yao Yuan soon finds out that her brother’s car accident is related to the Jiang family. She could not accept the fact and decided to break up with Jiang Anlan. However when she finds out that Jiang Anlan suffers from Pulmonary encephalopathy, she realizes whats important to her.

Love Is Always Online Cast

Xiong Zi Qi as Jiang Anlan
Cai Wen Jing as Yao Yuan
Zhu Jian as Su Wen
Ma Zhen Huan as Wen Cheng
Xiong Yue Xi as Yao Xinran
Jin Chong as Zhang He
Yang Ping as Jiang Wenqia

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