Chinese Drama: Love Is Leaving(Chen Ya’an, Nathan Scott Lee, Tiger Li Tai, Chen Xiaoyi)

Chinese Drama: Love Is Leaving(Chen Ya'an, Nathan Scott Lee, Tiger Li Tai, Chen Xiaoyi)

Title: Love Is Leaving / My Love Farewell

Chinese Title: 安娜的爱人 / An Na De Ai Ren

Broadcast Website: Tencent

Broadcast Date: May 28, 2022

Genre: Business, Modern, Romance, Workplace

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 28

Director: Liu Huining

Origin: China


A story that follows Lu An Na as she receives a phone call that changes her life. Her boyfriend has called to tell her that he’s aboard a sinking ship and that the call will be his final farewell.

Lu An Na is an ordinary girl who works for a magazine company. She’s ecstatic at the thought of becoming a bride as she’s about to get married to her Korean boyfriend. However, she gets a call from him saying that he’s leaving her with his last words. She turns on the television and learns that a Korean vessel is in distress and that people are dying. Unwilling to believe the tragic turn of events, she gets herself together and starts on a journey to chase after the truth.

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