Smile Code Chinese drama
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Title: Smile Code

Chinese Title: 失笑 / Shi Xiao

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Director: Che Liang Yi

Producer: Huang Jie, Miao Meng

Production Company: Perfect World Pictures

Episodes: 24

Smile Code Synopsis

It tells the story of a down-and-out part-time talk show actress and an aloof male audience member suffering from alexithymia who get close to each other and heal each other. A love story of a woman who is funny to the end and a man who can’t laugh, a love contest begins. However, what connects the romance is not just the emotions between men and women, but also the struggling urban youths living in Shanghai. On and off the stage in the play, the spicy yet observational complaints hit the pain points of life, and the humorous ridicule is light, but it is also full of optimism and open-mindedness.

Smile Code Cast

Lin Yi as Liang Daiwen
Shen Yue as Gu Yi
Ye Xiao Wei as Xu Guanrui
Tian Ai as Guan Xingxin
Yang Zi Yan as Jacqueline
Han Ye as Zhang Qingya
Zuo Xiao Long as Shen Zhimin
Zheng Yu Jia as Lindsey
Zou Ting Wei as Yu Dule
Zhao Hai Yan as Wang Meixia
Zhang Cheng He
Fang Zi Bin as Liang Xun
Yang Yu Ting
Tang Xu as Chen Ba
Wang Shan Shui as Lu Ming

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