The Rise of Wanshan

The Rise of Wanshan Chinese drama
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Title: The Rise of Wanshan

Chinese Title: 沸腾的群山 / Fei Teng De Qun Shan

Also known As: 看万山红遍 / Kan Wan Shan Hong Bian

Broadcast Network: CCTV

Broadcast Date: 02 July 2024

Genre: Drama

Director: Zhang Duo Fu

Screenwriter: Ouyang Qian Sen

Producer: Ouyang Qian Sen, Zhou Yong Cai, Wu Yi Feng

Episodes: 28

The Rise of Wanshan Synopsis

The drama is based on a true story, closely following the people, and revolves around the theme of “transformation of resource-depleted cities”.

At the end of the last century, Wanshan Special Zone in Guizhou was facing a desperate situation due to the depletion of mercury resources. Feng Baiyang, the third-generation mercury miner, held a strong sense of responsibility and mission and tried to transform to revive the glory of the mercury mine, but ultimately failed to resist the tide of state-owned enterprise reform, and 20,000 employees fell into despair.

In 2008, the once-in-a-century freezing disaster hit Wanshan again, and the hearts of Wanshan people dropped to the freezing point. Feng Baiyang led the cadres and masses of Wanshan to be grateful, forge ahead, and work hard. The three carriages of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries advanced together, and achieved transformation and development based on scientific and technological innovation and green development, so that a resource-depleted city was reborn from the ashes, and the dream of innovative development came true.

The Rise of Wanshan Cast

Bao Jian Feng as Feng Baiyang
Zhang Li as Lin Fangfei
Han Dong as Guo Xingdong
Wang Le Jun as Gu Hanxiao
Wu Xiao Yu as Zhao Lihua
He Zheng Jun as Ma Zousheng
Kou Zhen Hai as Lin Bingyi
Zhou Hao Dong as Tang Yulin
Zheng Qi as Zhang Changsheng
Yong Chen as Zhao Xingwang
Cao Yi as Feng Jianguo
Fang Xiao Li as Huang Qiufeng
Gu Wen as Xiao Tang
Pan Hong Liang as Huang Dayao
Wang Pin Yi as Zhou Bencai
Cao Qi Yuan as Lin Fangbing

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