Drama: You Are The One ( Guo Tao, Ivy Chen Yihan, Serena Hu Lingmeng, Dai Mo )

Drama: You Are The One ( Guo Tao, Ivy Chen Yihan, Serena Hu Lingmeng, Dai Mo )

Title:  You Are The One

Chinese Title: 爱情筑梦师 / Ai Qing Zhu Meng Shi

Broadcast Website: Sohu

Broadcast Date: 22 December 2022

Genre: Modern, Romance

Director: Ching Shing Choy

Screenwriter: Shu Huan

Production Company: Huace Film & TV

Production Date: 2015

Producer: Luo Junhui, Wang Y

Episodes: 35


A divorcee and a young woman with a debt to pay start up a marriage agency together.

Yin Wei is in charge of handling divorces at the Department of Civil Affairs. However, being a firm believer that there’s nothing that can be worked out between a married couple, he always tries to patch up things between his clients. Tired of his actions, his wife Wang Xin files for a divorce and leaves for the US in search of better pastures.

Meng Yimeng is a young woman born in the 1990’s. Her paths cross with Yin Wei when her second landlord files a complaint against her, which brings her face to face with the real landlord who turns out to be Yin Wei. To pay of what she owes, Meng Yimeng has to work for Yin Wei and they start an online channel together. She even gets her good friend Ding Wu to join in the venture. Although disinterested at first, he begins to see the fruits of her labor as she starts a show about bringing single people together. Just when things seem to be going well in love and life, Yin Wei’s ex-wife reappears.

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