Born To Be The One

Born To Be The One Chinese drama
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Title: Born To Be The One

Chinese Title: 凡人歌 / Fan Ren Ge

Broadcast Network: CCTV, iQiyi

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Family

Director: Jian Chuan He

Screenwriter: Ji Jing Rong

Producer: Hou Hong Liang

Production Company: Daylight Entertainment

Episodes: 40

Born To Be The One Synopsis

Shen Lin, who had been a full-time housewife for five years, encountered the unemployment of her husband Na Wei. Both husband and wife were unemployed, their second child was waiting to be fed, and the mortgage loan was approaching every month. Shen Lin’s return to the workplace also encountered many obstacles. Shen Lin chose to set up a stall to sell braised food to achieve re-employment.

Shen Lei, who graduated from a prestigious school, worked in the archives department of his work unit. He spent his quiet years and lived aloof from the world. However, his wife divorced him because he was content with the status quo. Shen Lei’s faith collapsed, and he quit his job and hid in Zhongnan Mountain to live in seclusion; The man with an annual salary of one million Programmer Na Juan suffered from panic disorder due to high-intensity work. He tried his best to hide it for fear of losing his job.

This made it difficult for his girlfriend Li Xiaoyue, who had a carpet-taking attitude towards life, to understand. The two people who loved each other gradually drifted away. Faced with their dilemmas in life, they did not complain or feel sorry for themselves, but faced their hearts and weathered the crisis of life together.

Born To Be The One Cast

Yin Tao as Shen Lin
Wang Xiao as Na Wei
Zhang Ruo Nan as Li Xiaoyue
Qin Jun Jie as Shen Lei
Zhang Zhe Hua as Na Juan
Chen Hao Yu as Xie Meilan

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