Wulin Heroes

Wulin Heroes Chinese Drama
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Title: Wulin Heroes

Chinese Title: 武林有侠气 / Wu Lin You Xia Qi

Also known As: 武林有骄气 / Wu Lin You Jiao Qi / Wu Lin Has Pride / Wu Lin Has Squeamish

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 29 January 2023

Genre: Wuxia, Romance

Director: Zhu Dong Ning

Screenwriter: Xie Nan Xue

Producer: Zhou Shi Fu, Wang Ying, Luo Jun Hui. Ma Lan, Rui Ye

Production Company: Youku, Long Guo Ying Hua

Episodes: 22

Wulin Heroes Synopsis

Ye Xi, a kind-hearted and good-natured girl, aspires to become a pugilistic hero of her generation. Having no experience in jianghu, she harbors a beautiful fantasy toward the wulin as well as love. Ye Xi wholeheartedly helps the weak but does not understand the sinister side of the human heart.

She used, lied to, and betrayed by the people she trusted; causing her reputation to be tarnished and her life almost taken. However, despite these repeated blows, Ye Xi does not forget her original intention and believes that justice naturally inhabits man’s heart. She sets out to investigate the truth and prove her innocence.

During her journey, she meets divine doctor Bai Yue, who silently protects her and goes through life-and-death with her. Ye Xi also matures in the process, becoming more confident and strong; and also finally understands true love as well as the spirit of wuxia. With Bai Yue’s help, Ye Xi exterminates the scum who framed her and caused harm to jianghu. Bai Yue also uses his medical skills to treat the people who were bewitched. From then on, the wulin regains its upright aura, and returns to the avenue of chivalry.

Wulin Heroes Cast

Main Roles

Li Hong Yi as Bai Yue (voiced by Zhang Fu Zheng)
Huang Ri Ying as Ye Xi (voiced by Xu Jia Qi)
Zhu Zan Jin as Cang Qi (voiced by Qian Wen Qing)

Supporting Roles

Zhang Xin Yan as Lin Xiaoxiao (voiced by He Wen Xiao)
Li Xing Chen as Chu Yao (voiced by Wei Yi Fan)
Wang Xin Qiao as Cang Nan, Crown Prince (voiced by Liu San Mu)
Jiang Peng as Tang Yang (voiced by He Ming)
Sun Hao as Uncle Hui
Qi Pei Xin as Tang Heng (voiced by Wu Tao)
Zhu Jia Yi as Yu Luo
Zhou Yao as Yang Ke (voiced by Shi Ze Kun)
Shao Yan Yuan as Li Si
Zhu Dong Ning as Hei Sha
Zheng Li Ying as Bai Sha
Wang Zi Wei as Wang Xiaohua
Kong Lian Shun as Wang Daniu
Guo Yun Fei as Seventh Uncle
Chen Shi Min as Mo Rou
Shu Ya Xin as Scholar
Cui Yi Shao as Xiao Bei
Yuan Jia Yun as Shu Ting
Li Yue as Xiao Shan
Li Chen Yu as Tong Xi
Xiong Su Yi as Tong Gui
Chen Shi Man as Han Zi
Liu Xin Zhi as Zhang San

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