Drama Review: Rebirth for you ( Ju Jing Yi, Joseph Zeng)

Drama Review: Rebirth for you ( Ju Jing Yi, Joseph Zeng)

This is the second review for rebirth for you, because I mistakenly forgot to save the first review after writing it. I want us to talk about Rebirth for you and discuss the good things and the bad.

First impressions.

I just finished watching Time flies and you’re here few weeks ago and now I’m adjusting to this other character played by Joseph Zeng. It’s been a while since I watched Ju JingYi’s dramas and I think she has improved a lot since Legend of Yinxi. Let’s talk about the first episode, they used many old tactics to build up chemistry between the two main leads and the only things that boosted the episode was the competition and also the princess’s storyline. Another thing which got me excited was seeing Joseph Zeng as the inventor just like he was in Fighting Destiny, that’s one of his best characters. There’s a lot of changes that will happen as the drama goes and I’ll cover all of them in this review.


This is just a story of the son of an ex- bandit who married the princess and they meet few challenges (who am I kidding? they met a lot of challenges) after their marriage, this is how it goes. Jiang Bao Ning, the commandery princess of Jia Nan, grows up in the palace since childhood. She remains carefree despite knowing that there is no freedom within the palace walls and does not want to be used as a puppet. Thus, relying on her own ingenuity, she resists the fate of becoming a tool in the inner palace fighting. Li Qian, a guard of the Imperial Army, wants to understand the truth behind some events many years ago. He works hard to seek a higher position in the palace, just to get relevant clues. They are two people with vastly different personalities who meet by chance and love each other. In order to reverse their own destiny, they work together, look forward to breaking through the barriers of identity and stay with their loved ones for a lifetime.

The Good.

I don’t have a lot of great things to say about this drama because I wasn’t impressed at all.

1. Chemistry.

one good thing I noticed about Rebirth for you was the chemistry between the main leads. Their love story had a better build up from the first meeting till their marriage. It’s great to see Baoning willing to stay besides Qian in times of need regardless of her status and not to forget the mutual trust between them. Another interesting couple were Dongdong and An, their relationship wasn’t hyped but it was better than everything that happened in the drama.

2. Cast.

By disliking the drama, it doesn’t mean the cast didn’t do their job properly. I wouldn’t hesitate to shout whenever I noticed one or two cast members who were “not doing their best” but I didn’t notice anyone in this drama.

The Bad.

1. Boring storyline.

I won’t lie and say rebirth for you has a great storyline. The drama had a great start but they lost direction after the marriage between the main leads. They brought up a lot of unnecessary plots, unreasonable scenes and it kinda felt like they were just writing the storyline for the sake of finishing the drama. Did they really have to make Baoning and Qian’s love rivals obsessive? Their obsession is totally unrealistic and irritating and what’s worse they made Miaorong a dumb villain who doesn’t have direction. In my view, the story would’ve been better if they dragged the ‘Qian courting the princess’ plot for more episodes and the drama ends with them getting married, they would have saved us time.

2. Unnecessary Episodes.

First 15 episodes were good and I enjoyed watching them but the following episodes where a mess. There are some episodes that had me asking myself ” why am I watching this drama in the first place?” because they’re not supposed to be there. They could have saved us time by cutting down those 40 episodes to 30 or 25 without dragging. I don’t even remember the number of times I thought about dropping the drama because of irrelevant episodes.

3. Same trick over and over again.

We know that villains are the main foundation of a story/drama because they challenge the “baby faces” but they must be perfectly developed. Miaorong is supposed to be a manipulative villain but does she always have to use the same trick? Every time they try to expose her, she uses the same trick ” interrupt Baoning and play the good Saint in front of the parents who also ignore Baoning” and then boom… there’s no mentioning of her punishment nor does she get exposed. This happened more than twice and it’s so IRRITATING!!! If you look at this in a different angle, you will even begin to feel like Baoning and Qian’s characters as the smartest ones in the drama is a TOTAL JOKE!


Guys, peer pressure is real and it can be harmful at times. I watched this drama so that I could also brag about it in groups but I ended up asking myself “why I’m I even watching this?” This is one of the worst dramas in 2021 after Remember me. How can two smart people get fooled in a foolish way? The drama needed more improvements more than it needed more episodes. If it wasn’t for the main leads’ popularity, I bet no one would finish the drama. I won’t recommend this drama to anyone because you will end up watching the whole 55 minutes episode in just 10 minutes.


4/10. The drama was the worst, not the cast.

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