19th Floor 

 19th Floor  Chinese drama
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Title: 19th Floor

Chinese Title: 19层 / 19 Ceng

Broadcast Network: Mango TV

Broadcast Date: 16 January 2024

Genre: Suspense

Director: Cai Cong, Li Zhi Heng

Screenwriter: Jiang Yu

Producer: Chen Dai Ge

Production Company: Mango TV, Mango Excellent Media

Episodes: 30

19th Floor Synopsis


Chun Yu is a university student whose life is thrown into unspeakable turmoil when she receives a chilling text message that reads: “I know what the 19th floor of hell is.” Soon, she realizes that other students on campus have received the very same message. Before long, she learns that she has been sucked into the macabre reality of a mobile game that takes place in a ghostly “haunted” building where every floor is full of dangers, horrors, and terrifying secrets.

Worse still, she observes, when unwitting players fail to beat a level in the game, they immediately fall into a coma. With no other choice, she begins to play the game, where she meets fellow player Gao Xuan. The duo begins to navigate the perils of the building together, slowly heading toward the dreaded 19th floor. But what awaits them if they make it to the game’s final, decisive level?

19th Floor Cast


Sun Qian as Chun Yu
Wei Zhe Ming as Gao Xuan
Bai Shu as Yang Bawan
Wang Ruo Shan as Nan Xiaoqin
Luo Yu Tong as Xu Wenya
Pan Yue Tong as Nian Sulan
Xiao Kai Zhong as Zhang Tianqiang
Dai Ya Qi as Qing You
Zhang Ke Yuan as A Yong
Tao Hai as Lao Lin
Chen Chuang as Chun Yiming
Xiu Qing as Yan Mingliang
Chen Jing Yang as Nai Nai


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