Forever Love Chinese drama
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Title: Forever Love

Chinese Title: 盲心千金 / Mang Xin Qian Jin

Also known As: 盲爱千金 / Mang Ai Qian Jin

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 31 August 2023

Genre: Romance

Director: Lin Qing

Screenwriter: Zhang Fen

Producer: Zhang Li, Chong Wei

Executive Producer: Shen Jin Fei

Production Company: Tangstar Media

Episodes: 30

Forever Love Synopsis

Lin Zi Tong is the rich young heiress of the Li group: she is beautiful, cheerful, smart, and straightforward. She has everything for her, including a devoted boyfriend, Chi Shan.

But when she goes through family changes, this innocent young miss has to become stronger to not only face adversity but also the betrayal of her boyfriend, Chi Shan, and her so-called best friend, Xia Yu Wei, a deceitful hypocrite who on the surface treats Lin Zi Tong like a sister but is very jealous and wants to steal everything from her.

Sheng Mo Yao is a brilliant medical student who succeeds in everything he does. He is handsome, sharp, cold, and mysterious, and willing to do everything to protect Lin Zi Tong and help her in the shadows.

Forever Love Cast

Chen Fang Tong as Lin Xintong
Dai Gao Zheng as Qin Moyao (Lin Xintong’s actual bodyguard)
Hou Dong as Chi Shan (Lin Xintong’s fiance)
Ma Xin Yu as Xia Yuwei (Lin Xintong’s friend)
Hu Xi Fan as Zhou Mo (Lin Xintong’s actually hired bodyguard, Qin Moyao’s brother)
Chen Yuan as Sister Liu
Liu Xiao Lei as Lin Guofu (Lin Xintong’s father)
Xing Ying Ling as Mother Wang
Li Cheng Yang as Lawyer Wang
Yang Yin Xuan as Wu Dongyue
Han Long as Director Li
Dong Shu Bo as Director Xu

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