You Are Desire

You Are Desire Chinese drama
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Title: You Are Desire

Chinese Title: 白日梦我 / Bai Ri Meng Wo

Also known As: You Are My Desire

Broadcast Network: Mango TV

Broadcast Date: 12 August 2023

Genre: Romance, Youth, School

Director: Deng Ke

Screenwriter: Xia Feng Yan

Producer: Wang Han Lu

Production Company: Straw Bears Film, Mango TV

Episodes: 30 + 1 (Special)

You Are Desire Synopsis


After Lin Yujing’s parents’ divorce, she and her dad moved to a new city where she became seatmates with notoriously “ill-tempered” Shen Juan at their new school. They get reacquainted, separated and reunited again in university.

Lin Yujing was initially full of anxiety about readjusting to a blended family after her father’s remarriage, but she is warmly welcomed by her stepmother and stepbrother Fu Mingxiu. She also thought it would be difficult to integrate into a new group, but she quickly met interesting classmates at her new school. Her arrival also brings changes to Shen Juan, her new seatmate who was held back a year.

Just as her life was gradually getting back on track, Lin Yujing’s mother, Lin Zhi, forcibly took her back to her hometown. A year later, she is reunited with Shen Juan in university. She learns that Shen Juan’s family has gone through some hard times and he still hasn’t recovered from the trauma. With the help of Lin Yujing and their classmates, Shen Juan slowly walks out of the haze. Lin Yujing also finds her own direction in life.

You Are Desire Cast


Zhuang Da Fei as Lin Yujing
Li Huan Yangas Lin Yujing (young)
Zhou Yi Ran as Shen Juan
Xiao Tian Ren as Shen Juan (young)
Chen He Yi as Fu Mingxiu
Fan Shi Ran as Gu Xia
Bian Tian Yang as Wang Yiyang
Wang Chuan as He Songnan
Liao Yin Yue as Xu Ruyi
Jin Chao as Nie Xinghe
Yang Shu Hua as Nie Xinghe (young)
Zeng Li as Lin Zhi
Yu Jin Wei as Meng Weiguo
Zhang Yan Yan as Guan Xiangmei
Ma Si Chao as Lu Yao
Zhang Xiao Chen as Luo Qinghe
Liu Jie Yi as Li Lin
Fang Wen Qiang as Liu Fujiang
Ji Chen Mu as Shen Boan
Wang Zheng as Luo Qingguo
Lin Peng as Feng Li
Xiao Yu as Lei Zhensheng
Liu Zeng Yu as Ning Yuan
Xu Xin Chi as Rong Huai
Zhang Xing He as Xiao Mogu
Wang Han Lu as Teacher Xia
Jia Hao Yuan as Sun Mingchuan
Zhao Zi Mo as Li Shiqi
Deng Jing Wen as Li Wenwen
He Zi Jie as Cheng Lei
Wang Wen Bin as Chang Zhiqi
Liu Yue Xiang as shooting team member
Ye Chen as Doctor Gu
Sun Da Wei as Wang Yiyang’s father
Zhang Yan Sen as Huang Mao
Zhu Ya Xiong as President Wang
Deng Yuan Zhang as Da Ge
Yan You Xing as guitarist
Tan Guang Min as bassist
Bai Fu Zhen as keyboard player
Li Yu Heng as drummer
Yang Wu Xuan as taxi driver
Wang Ran as real estate agent
You Xiao Hong as auntie in charge
Liang Peng Fei as librarian
Jiang Cheng Peng as physics teacher
Liu Peng as physical education teacher
Xu Ta as Lawyer Shen
Chen Kai as Lawyer Chen
Mei Fan as Manager Huang
Wang Ti as Professo Zhou
Shang Jia Cheng as Xiao Wu
Han Han as senior in physics department
Zhang Xiao Shan as Zhu Xuejie
Wu Qiao Bin as proctor teacher
Cheng Shi Yu as Lao Wang
Li Hao as Coach Yu
Cheng Lin as Li Lin’s mother
Song Jing Ao as doctor
Gao Qian Ru as nurse
Tian Jing Feng as dcotor
Zhou Xiao Hai as Professor Han
Wang Xue as customer of silver jewelry shop
Zhang Hao Nan as Sui Yu
Yu Cong Xiang as Wang An
Li Hang as breakfast shop owner
Liu Xiang as auntie in charge
Guo Zi Xi as counselor
Cao Qi Qi as Coach Zhou
Liu Ning Yu as roommate
Gong Meng Lin as roommate
Gao Zhi Peng as food stall owner
A Jiao as taxi driver
Yan Yu Qi as Lawyer Huang
Lu Cong as Secretary Cui
Dou Zhi as junior team coach
Chen Ai Fang as Hu Zhongquan


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