The Quirky and the Charming

The Quirky and the Charming Chinese drama
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Title: The Quirky and the Charming

Chinese Title: 我的差评女友 / Wo De Cha Ping Nv You

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Broadcast Date:

Genre: Romance

Director: Kwak Jae Yong

Episodes: 18

The Quirky and the Charming Synopsis


The play tells the romantic adventure of two young people with different life circumstances who meet and fall in love in a five-star hotel. The heroine Yi Ran, who has no wealth and relies on various odd jobs to survive, is a negative review girl who is “full of enthusiasm but has no expectations”. Xiao Mucheng, a handsome, demanding, and perfectionist male protagonist, is the room manager of the Yingman Hotel and the prospective heir to the Yingman Group.

Because of the unexpected bad reviews from “Miss Bad Review”, Xiao Mucheng, who pursues perfection, found Yi Ran and invited her to solve the lingering “crisis”. The two use their own way to solve all kinds of people and things they encounter. Because of this, they are full of contradictions when they get along day and night. Two parallel lines that seem to have no intersection are approaching each other unknowingly.

The Quirky and the Charming Cast


Xing Zhao Lin as Xiao Mucheng
Lu Yang Yang as Yi Ran
Dong You Lin as Lin Youjia
Huang Xiao Wan as Ling Yishu
Bao Li Ning as Chen Mo
Bai Xu Han as Pan Yiyi
Sun Lin Fei as Ou Ge
Yang Qing as Qin Jiaren
Zong Feng Yan as Lin Xudong
Kong Lin as Gao Xu
Qu Yi Cheng as Han Bin


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