Shadow Detective

Shadow Detective Chinese drama
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Title: Shadow Detective

Chinese Title: 暗影侦探 / An Ying Zhen Tan

Broadcast Network:

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Period, Detective

Director: Zhu Shao Jie

Production Company: Innovation Media Power

Episodes: 36

Shadow Detective Synopsis


Mysteries abound, and shadows follow; the detective’s heart is never broken, and the truth is explored.

Shadow Detective Cast


Wang Xing Yue as Guan Cen
Wu Jia Yi as Lu Yizhen
Shao Wei Tong as Du Linfeng
Zhang Mu Xi as Si Min
Mei Na as Ding Eryi
Rui Wei Hang as A Dong
Gu Yuan Zhen as Wu Xiaoxiao
Ning Xiao Hua as Huo Zhongji


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