Love You Forever

Love You Forever Chinese drama
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Title: Love You Forever

Chinese Title: 婚情深深深几许 / Hun Qing Shen Shen Shen Ji Xu

Broadcast Network: Douyin

Broadcast Date: 14 March 2024

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 80

Love You Forever Synopsis

Pregnant after a one-night stand, Xia Zhi investigates and suspects Sang Qi to be the father of her child. Seizing the chance to reconnect with his first crush, who has forgotten him, Sang Qi admits to being the child’s father. As they embark on their journey to discover love through the unborn child, the true identity of the child’s father is revealed, threatening their newfound romance.

Love You Forever Cast

Zhang Chu Xuan as Xia Zhi
Sun Yue as Sang Qi

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