Scout Hero

Scout Hero Chinese drama
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Title: Scout Hero

Chinese Title: 侦察英雄 / Zhen Cha Ying Xiong

Broadcast Network: Beijing TV, Zhejiang TV, iQiyi, Tencent, Youku

Broadcast Date: 09 January 2024

Genre: Period, War

Director: Zheng Xiao Long, An Zhan Jun, Cao Zhen Yu

Screenwriter: Liu Ge Jian

Producer: Cao Ping, Chen Hui Jin, Liu Xiao Dong

Episodes: 32

Scout Hero Synopsis


Liang Chen, the chief of the reconnaissance section of a certain division of the Volunteer Army, led the division’s reconnaissance company to complete many seemingly impossible tasks. They rescued cultural workers who were captured by the enemy’s infiltration team, went deep behind enemy lines to capture prisoners and reconnoiter the enemy’s situation.

It provided important and accurate intelligence to our military commanders and laid a solid foundation for combat victory. In a major battle, Liang Chen led a platoon of the reconnaissance company, especially a group of several highly skilled and bold scouts, to penetrate behind enemy lines and cooperate with the offensive troops in the front to attack the enemy headquarters and finally defeated Liang Chen. Baek Chang-ho, the captain of the South Korean intelligence team, who fought with wits and courage, used his wisdom and courage, blood and life to create legendary achievements.

Scout Hero Cast


Luo Jin as Liang Chen
Ma Si Chun as Wen Jie
Huang Cheng Cheng as Qi Lv
Cao Lu as Yu Xiaoshan
Shang Bai as Chen Shumin
Lu Xiao Lin as Zheng Yushu
Yang Fan as Bai Changhao
Han Peng Yi as Li Wanfu
Zhao Jing Shu Yu as Mo Baigen
Zhao Yi Han as Zhang Zhicheng
Wang Hua Cheng as Liu Heiniu
Wu Zhi Qiang as Bi Huazhen
Jiang Xin Qi as Jin Zhe
Li Ming Xuan as Cui Yingming
Luo Yi Qiao as Min Zhi
Zhao You Tu as Xu Hanzhou


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