Chinese Drama: Lin Shen Jian Lu (Jin Dong, Li Xiaoran, Yue Yang, Zhang Yao)

Chinese Drama: Lin Shen Jian Lu (Jin Dong, Li Xiaoran, Yue Yang, Zhang Yao)

Title: Lin Shen Jian Lu

Chinese Title: 林深见鹿 / Lin Shen Jian Lu
Broadcast Network: Beijing TV, Dragon TV
Broadcast Website: Tencent
Broadcast Date: June 7, 2022
Genre: Modern, Romance, Workplace
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Zang Xichuan
Screenwriter: Ren Zengchao
Producer: Shao Liang
Origin: China


It tells a story of urban men and women. Lin Shaotao is a man unwavering in the pursuit of his ideals and Jian Ai is a woman determined to realize her self-worth. After their divorce, they are reunited in the workplace to become reacquainted with each other once more.
Lin Shaotao and Jian Ai used to be the godly couple everybody envied. However, they got divorced once they hit their middle age. Lin Shaotao’s buddies Zhou Yiming and Jia Kuan could not accept this sudden change. After the divorce, Lin Shaotao pours his efforts into his career but he runs into Jian Ai who has come to work at VC Corporation.
Jian Ai does an exceptional job in solving a series of work problems. She and Lin Shaotao may oppose each other but they are also supportive. They even come to appreciate each other through their repeated confrontations. During this period, Yan Shuai, who pursued Jian Ai before suddenly becomes a new executive at the company. He makes things difficult for Lin Shaotao while pursuing Jian Ai once more. Jian Ai chooses to believe in Lin Shaotao’s ideals towards the company’s development and works with him to overcome difficulties. In the end, Lin Shaotao rethinks his relationship with Jian Ai. The former couple work towards returning to the road of love.

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