Meet Miss Anxiety

Meet Miss Anxiety Chinese drama
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Title: Meet Miss Anxiety

Chinese Title: 我的早更女友 / Wo De Zao Geng Nv You

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Broadcast Date:

Genre: Romance

Director: Qi Xiao Hui

Screenwriter: Cao Jin Ling

Episodes: 28

Meet Miss Anxiety Synopsis


Wei Jia, a white-collared office lady, suffers a series of setbacks after breaking up with her boyfriend and failing to be promoted. Under a huge amount of stress, she suffers from early menopause. With the help of Yuan Xiaoou, she gets back on track and returns to her normal life.

Meet Miss Anxiety Cast


Shu Chang as Wei Jia
Sun Jian as Yuan Xiaoou
Zhang Liang as Liu Zhong
Fan Yu Jun as Lin Shu’er
Luo Mi as Wei Baiyu
Wang Xiu Ze as Liu Chunhao
Zhang Lu Yao as Yin Jiang
Wang Bo Wen as Lu Wei
Feng Bing as Xiao Wang


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