Just in Time

Just in Time Chinese drama
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Title: Just in Time

Chinese Title: 时光正好 / Shi Guang Zheng Hao

Broadcast Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV, iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 03 June 2024

Genre: Family, Drama

Director: Han Xiao Jun

Screenwriter: Xu Ran

Makeup Artist: Yang Ji Ze

Production Company: Jia Ping Pictures

Episodes: 40

Just in Time Synopsis


When she was middle-aged and thought that everything was under control, Xu Mengan’s life suddenly got out of control. The company laid off a large number of employees, promotion in the workplace was blocked, her husband Li Lin was unemployed, her daughter was suspected of early love, and the unexpected second child came all at once, making her exhausted.

How to find the motivation to start again under the pressure of reality and strive to balance self-growth and family responsibilities are her urgent problems. On the other hand, her best friend Chen Wanzhen was ignored by her husband Yu Hai in her life as a full-time wife. She was tormented and decided to return to the workplace. Xu Mengan’s sister Xu Mengxin ​​suffered from hormonal imbalance during pregnancy. In the struggle and pain, they overcame hardness with softness, and finally opened up a new situation in life and gained a second growth.

Just in Time Cast


Qin Hai Lu as Xu Mengan
Bao Jian Feng as Li Lin
Zuo Xiao Qing as Chen Wanzhen
Tian Yu as Yu Hai
Pan Zhi Lin as Xu Mengxin
Du Yuan as Xu Guanghua
Jia Xiao Han as Li Yunjie
Zhang Tao as Yu Wen
Sun Hao as Jia Haowen
Li Yi Xiao as Rui Chiu
Tan Kai as Zhou Yao
Zhang Jing Jing as Huang Sisi
Mu Li Yan as Wu Lining


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