Derailment Chinese drama
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Title: Derailment

Chinese Title: 脱轨 / Tuo Gui

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 14 December 2023

Genre: Life, Workplace, Romance

Director: Shen Yang

Screenwriter: Wang Jia Lu

Production Company: Youku

Episodes: 30

Derailment Synopsis


A mysterious “time travel” reversed the identity of Jiang Xiaoyuan, a daughter of a wealthy family, into a low-level working girl with the same name. While struggling to survive, she met the mysterious bamboo horse Qilian and worked together to find the truth. On the way to explore the fog, the two also joined hands to work together. Compose love and career, and stage an inspirational life.

Derailment Cast


Liu Hao Cun as Jiang Xiaoyuan
Lin Yi as Qi Lian
Huang Sheng Chi as Jiang Bo
Fan Shi Ran as Feng Ruixue
Wang Cha Cha as Chen Fangzhou
Wan Yan Luo Rong as Huo Boyu
Li Tian Nuo as Xu Jingyang


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