An Indelible Destiny

An Indelible Destiny Chinese drama
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Title: An Indelible Destiny

Chinese Title: 妙绝好姻缘 / Miao Jue Hao Yin Yuan

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 18 April 2024

Genre: Xianxia, Romance

Director: Ye Lu

Episodes: 24

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An Indelible Destiny Synopsis


Tells the story of the arrogant and cold-faced female detective Li Yiyue and the Prince of Northern Sea, Tong Ling, who met, fell in love, and forgot each other to save the common people, and then met again for the sake of justice, hated each other, fell in love, and stayed together.

Three years ago, the two fell in love with each other while tracking down “Ping Ji’s inner demon”, but their lives were hanging by a thread in the battle with the inner demon. After the robbery, their memories were blocked. Three years later, the two united to eliminate the returning demons. Their relationship was on the verge of breaking up in order to restore their memories, but they finally eliminated the demons. In order to save Li Yiyue, who was possessed by the inner demon, Tong Ling “erased” the memories and feelings of the two people…

The extraordinary skill of the iron-faced female detective of the Lone Star, the immortal who can grow dragon scales on her neck when she is shy. The combination of the most handsome and dandy prince in the palace, the “tiger” type “chivalrous heroine” and the “big” type “prince of the fairy world” is actually destined to have a red line and fate for three lives? A love like “thunder and fire” is unfolding enthusiastically this summer.

An Indelible Destiny Cast


Liu Si Chen as Li Yiyue
Wang Ting Xu as Tong Ling
Du Zhao as Lin Qi
Yi La as Ping Ji
Yue Dong Feng as Yue Lao
Jing Lu as Madame Li


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