Everlasting Longing

Everlasting Longing Chinese drama
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Title: Everlasting Longing

Chinese Title: 相思令 / Xiang Si Ling

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Mai Guan Zhi

Screenwriter: Qing Mei

Producer: Li Li Ming, Xie Yang, Mei Qing Hai, Sun Yu Yang

Executive Producer: Wang Juan, Fang Fang

Stylist: Ai Wen

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Shanghai Films & Media

Episodes: 35

Adapted from the novel Qiang Lai De Xin Niang (抢来的新娘) by Xi Juan

Everlasting Longing Synopsis

Jun Qiluo, the eldest daughter of the Jun family, has had a dual identity since she was a child. To the outside world, she is Jun Feifan, the illegitimate son of the Jun family. When Jun Qiluo was 20 years old, she was brought back to Beixuan.

Since then, Jun Qiluo has embarked on a difficult life experience in a foreign land. During the Beixuan period, Qiluo was falsely accused of being a spy and was abused. Qiluo took the opportunity to escape but found that while she was away from home, the prince had colluded with her second brother-in-law and her second brother-in-law’s concubine to steal the Jun family’s property. After Jun Qiluo took her elderly father, second mother, and two younger sisters through a house fight, she began the process of reviving the family business.

Everlasting Longing Cast

Main Roles

Angelababy as Jun Qiluo / Jun Feifan
Song Wei Long as Xuan Lie
Ren Hao as Shao Qimin
Bai Bing Ke as Xuan Qingkou
Yao Chi as Luo Zhizhou
Wang Yi Ting as Sun Shaomin

Supporting Roles

Chen Tao as Luo Qi
Chen Chen as Jun Zejuan
Qin Xiao Xuan as He Jiyao / He Woshan
Chen Qian Yu as Xi Jixiu
Li Mei Yi Bing as Qing Kou (young)
Sha Bao Liang as Xi Changkun
Yu Bo as Jun Chengliu
Lily Tien as Empress Dowager
Zhang Jun Ning as Xuan Xu
Xia Nan as Li Fanyin

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