Sword E Flag Movie
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Title: Sword E Flag

Chinese Title: 古剑飘渺录 / Gu Jian Piao Miao Lu

Release Date: 15 February 2024

Genres: Action, Adventure, Historical, Romance

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Sword E Flag Synopsis

In the late Ming Dynasty, the eunuchs of the Dongchang, once wielding great power, found their influence gradually coming to an end as more people united against them. Justice prevailed, and with increasing resistance, the eunuchs’ dominance reached its limit.

Amid ongoing internal strife within the court, the Crown Prince, under the protection of the Six Ministries, went into hiding, his whereabouts unknown. The Dongchang forces launched an aggressive pursuit, determined to capture the Crown Prince and reclaim control over the court.

Two hundred kilometers away from the capital in Qinghe Prefecture, a sudden and mysterious murder occurred. Leng Lin, the chief constable of Qinghe Prefecture, was killed in a bizarre manner. At the crime scene, aside from a peculiar monster drawing, there were no other clues. Due to the eerie and terrifying nature of the death, rumors spread about a drought demon, causing panic throughout the city.

A young martial artist, Leng Luofeng, investigated the case of the drought demon killings with exceptional diligence. Leng Luofeng, a student of the Bellflower Academy, an institution dedicated to nurturing talents for the court, possessed formidable martial skills and excelled in his studies. Since the occurrence of the murder in Qinghe Prefecture…

Sword E Flag Cast

Yuan Fufu as Leng Luo Feng
Xu Meng Yuan as Ling Lan
Wang He He as Cui Hong Sen
Yi Yi Zi as Tong Jia Yan

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