Intrigue And Love

Intrigue And Love Chinese drama

Title: Intrigue And Love

Chinese Title: 西风烈烈 / Xi Feng Lie Lie

Also known As: The West Wind is Strong

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 20 May 2023

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Wu Yang

Screenwriter: Wu Yang

Episodes: 20

Intrigue And Love Synopsis

Li Xi Feng, who entered the palace seeking revenge for her father, was unexpectedly chosen to become a princess and sent to the Tujue to gather military intelligence. Li Xi Feng initially intended to use the power of Khan Ji Lie to avenge her father, but she discovered that Ji Lie’s reason for seeking the marriage alliance was because his elder brother had become a hostage in the Tang Dynasty, and marrying her was just a means to manipulate the Emperor of Tang Dynasty. Behind Ji Lie’s attempts to please her, he also intended to exploit her princess status to gather information, but he found out that Li Xi Feng was a fake princess.

As the two individuals, harboring their respective grudges, went from concealing the truth to falling in love, they eventually found the happiness they desired.

Intrigue And Love Cast

Chen Yi Long as Ji Lie
Wang Lu Qing as Li Xifeng
Nuo Min Da Lai as Bo Er Duo
Fan Di Yu as Bo Han

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