Love Death And Cat Movie
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Title: Love Death And Cat

Chinese Title: 猫妖奇谭 / Mao Yao Qi Tan

Also Known As: Tales of the Cat Demon

Genres: Historical, Romance, Fantasy

Release Date: 05 April 2024

Director: Fu Dung

Writer: Nazhou, Ren Sha

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Love Death And Cat Synopsis

To retain the beautiful skin that does not belong to her and her lover Gong Tianbao, the ninety-year-old cat-demon dancer deliberately attracts the demon-catching Taoist priest Liuzhi, hoping to absorb his extraordinary cultivation.

The two-tailed black cat Xiaohei uses one tail to save her former savior, Liu Yuanzhi, the matrilocal son-in-law who married the ugly daughter of the prince’s maternal uncle. From then on, she lives a comfortable life in seclusion with him, but little does she know that this would be a love tribulation that she could not avoid.

About to turn nine years old, a young cat demon named Maoqiu needs to drink the blood of mouse spirits to grow her first tail. When she meets a mouse spirit, she unexpectedly becomes friends with him.; The love between a human and a demon is tragic and shocking. From a cat’s perspective, human nature is deceitful and complex. Growth ultimately comes at a painful price, and three generations of cat demons face different endings.

Love Death And Cat Cast

Sandrine Pinna
Wang Ziyi
Chen Yutong
Lai Jing
Lin Muran

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