Under The Glory

Under The Glory Chinese drama
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Title: Under The Glory

Chinese Title: 荣耀之下 / Rong Yao Zhi Xia

Broadcast Network: Kuaishou

Broadcast Date: 19 January 2024

Genre: Romance

Screenwriter: Zhou Jing

Director: Sun Yixun

Producer: Ren Mingzhu

Production Company: Dongyang Qianyi Film and Television Media Co., Ltd.

Under The Glory Synopsis

Lu Zhenting, who made a fortune in his early years, had a mediocre nature. Although his property accounted for half of Jiangcheng, his health was deteriorating and he had no children to accompany him. Lu Zhenting realized the importance of heirs, so his personal doctor Chen Tao helped him search for illegitimate children who were living abroad. It turned out that he had thirteen children in total. However, Lu Zhenting is like raising poison, letting his children exclude and hurt each other, because his offspring must be strong enough and ruthless enough.

Lu Yingchen and Lu Zhiyao are two of the children. Lu Zhiyao, played by Ming Jiajia, knows the rules of the game well and has eliminated many “brothers and sisters” with the help of Chen Tao. Lu Yingchen, played by Ai Hongchen, is willing to be her helper because she calls him “brother”. He believed that Lu Zhiyao was bullied, constantly stood up for her, and was eliminated for taking the blame for her. Fortunately, Lu Yingchen was adopted as an adopted son by Jiang Huaizhi’s parents and survived.

A few years later, Lu Zhenting was seriously ill and needed a heart transplant from a close relative, but Lu Zhiyao was the only “daughter” left by his side. Therefore, Lu Zhenting plotted against the latter without hesitation, forcing Lu Zhiyao to despair. At the last moment before she died, she saw Ying Chen going crazy to save herself. After being reborn a month ago, Lu Zhiyao was determined to use all resources to survive. A battle between wealthy families was about to break out. Under the darkness, the glorious decisive battle began.

Under The Glory Cast

Ai Hong Chen as Lu Yingchen
Ming Jia Jia as Lu Zhiyao

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