Young Babylon

Young Babylon Chinese drama
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Title: Young Babylon

Chinese Title: 少年巴比伦 / Shao Nian Ba Bi Lun

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 29 April 2024

Genre: Youth, Friendship

Director: Lin Yu Xian

Producer: Li Er Yun

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures

Episodes: 26

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Young Babylon Synopsis

In the early 1990s, in Fucheng, a small town on the southeast coast, a group of teenagers were chasing youth on the train of the times. They were enthusiastic and reckless, growing up wantonly and barbarically. In the sea of ​​​​looking for stars, they completed the transformation of “ordinary and extraordinary”. In the sweetest and most brilliant years of youth, they worked hard to welcome their glorious years and gained growth and love. By creating “undefined youth” and using a story that took place in the 1990s, we open up a communication channel with the current “Generation Z”.

Young Babylon Cast

Main Roles

Yang Cai Yu as Bai Lan
Hou Ming Hao as Lu Xiaolu
Xiang Han Zhi as Qin Juan
Fei Qi Ming as Li Guangnan

Supporting Roles

Zhang Teng as Chen Guowei
Chen Yi Ge as Lu Dajiang
Sui Yuan as Niu Xiaoying
Zhang Song as Bi Zhigang

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