Better Halves Chinese drama
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Title: Better Halves

Chinese Title: 明媒善娶 / Ming Mei Shan Qu

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Xu Pei Shan

Screenwriter: Ai Wen, Gao Shen, Huang Lin

Producer: Yang Bei, Li Xing Jian, Sun Tian

Production Company: iQiyi, Lie Huo Ying Ye


Better Halves Synopsis

Shi Fake, is the pampered daughter of a family of matchmakers who only wants to eat, sleep and be happy, but her mother is adamant that she inherits the family trade of matchmaking. Lu Chi pretends to be a wealthy man and is secretly sent by the emperor to look into influential forces within the imperial city.

Therefore, Lu Chi pretends to be Shi Fake’s customer to get intel on his assignment. While Shi Fake finds a match for Lu Chi, Shi Fake’s mother is framed and removed from the official matchmaker’s list, pushing Shi Fake to restore their family name. As Shi Fake and Lu Chi work together to solve different relationship problems, they soon come to expose a bigger conspiracy and develop feelings for one another.

Better Halves Cast

Kong Xue Er as Shi Fa Ke
Ren Hao as Lu Chi
Tang Hao as Lu Chi (young)
Kong Lian Shun as Shi Xianxian
Zhao Shun Ran as He Kexian
Hu Dan Dan as Ye Shi / Shi Luo
Zheng Shu Huan as He Ketian
Li Chung Lin as Shi Chongshan
Dai Yi as Lord Zheng Ma

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