Yes, I Am A Spy Chinese drama
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Title: Yes, I Am A Spy

Chinese Title: 奈何寨主不好当 / Nai He Zhai Zhu Bu Hao Dang

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 05 May 2023

Genre: Historical, Investigation, Romance

Director: Lan Chao

Episodes: 15

Yes, I Am A Spy Synopsis

The undercover list of the Hidden Team was leaked and stolen by a mole, causing panic among the members. The emperor ordered the head of the Hidden Team, Shen Yi Feng, to investigate the mole. However, in order to protect the undercover agents still operating outside, the stolen list had to be recovered.

Zhang Xiao Hua was tasked with investigating the intelligence and learned that there was information about the list in Nahezhai. She pretended to be kidnapped by the second master, Luo He, and planned to offer herself to the lustful leader of the Great Clan to retrieve the list. However, she did not realize that the leader already had a jealous wife, and she almost lost her life. At a critical moment, the second master came forward and claimed that he was enchanted by Zhang Xiao Hua’s beauty and wanted to marry her. The leader of the Great Clan feared Luo He’s power within the clan and reluctantly agreed but secretly plotted to eliminate Luo He’s power. Zhang Xiao Hua learned of the clan’s internal strife and decided to use a “beauty trap” to provoke a conflict between the leader and Luo He and, in the chaos, retrieve the undercover list. However, Luo He already saw through her plan, and his true identity was not what it appeared to be.

Yes, I Am A Spy Cast

Cao Sai Ya as Zhang Xiaohua
Wang Xuan as Luo He
Han Jia Shun as Li Si

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