Jia Dong Gong Chinese drama
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Title: Jia Dong Gong

Chinese Title: 嫁东宫 / Jia Dong Gong

Also known As: 祸东宫 / Huo Dong Gong / 月上东宫 / Yue Shang Dong Gong

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 28 February 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Wu Cheng Feng

Screenwriter: Dao Dao, Lai Lai

Producer: Su Ran, Chen Pan, Xiang Rong Le, Wang Long Chun Zi, Shen Zhan

Episodes: 24

Jia Dong Gong Synopsis

The prince of Yan State, Yu Feichen, is married to Yin Nanyao, the daughter of the general who controls the country. The bride is a substitute killer who came to claim his life. As soon as he entered the palace, she met the prince who died suddenly and was about to be buried with him. The killer Yue Jian quickly contacted the second prince Ying in the organization, but he did not know that it was the prince who was killed. The prince plays two roles: fishing and law enforcement. Yue Jian was dealing with the relationship between the Prince’s Mansion and the organization, and he became more and more reluctant to attack Yu Feichen. Yu Feichen, who was looking at the overall situation with two identities, became more and more reluctant to expose Yue Jian.

Jia Dong Gong Cast

Main Roles

Xu Zhen Zhen as Yue Jian
Lin Ze Hui as Yu Feichen / Yu Feifan

Supporting Roles

Deng Xiao Ci as Shen Mo
Huang En Yu as Du Bin
Lin Jun Yi as Shen Nianci
Zhang Yi Wen as Shen Wang
Huang Yun Yun as Tao Jin Niang

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