Our Days Chinese drama
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Title: Our Days

Chinese Title: 好团圆 / Hao Tuan Yuan

Broadcast Network: CCTV, Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Family, Romance, Workplace

Director: Liu Dong

Screenwriter: Rao Hui

Producer: Liu Ming Li, Wang Juan, Fang Fang

Production Company: Tencent, Yi Xuan Culture

Adapted from the novel Nv Shen De Dang Da Zhi Nian (女神的当打之年) by Lang Lang (朗朗)

Episodes: 36

Our Days Synopsis

The eldest is married to a doctor, the second is married to a senior executive, and the third is married to a rich man. The three sisters of the Xiang family are like the ceiling of marriage and love in the entire community. Their father, Xiang Zhijun, is the highest-ranking father-in-law in the entire community. The Xiang family worked together to correct the unhealthy trend of favoring boys over girls in this “old and shabby” community. However, behind the seemingly glamorous marriage, there are lice that others cannot see. Husband’s cheating, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, parent-child education…it’s still hard to get through the difficult times. After all, the goddess is in her prime!

Our Days Cast

Bai Bai He as Xiang Qian
Li Chun as Xiang Zhong
Wang Yu Wen as Xiang Nan
Chen He as Deng Haiyang
Yu Jin Wei as Jiang Hongbin
Zhang Tao as Gao Ping
Ding Yong Dai as Xiang Zhijun
Liu Jia as Lan Zhi
Xia Yu as Chai Jin

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