Chinese Drama: The Memory About You ( Amelie Xu, Fu Xinbo, Yang Xuwen)

Chinese Drama: The Memory About You ( Amelie Xu, Fu Xinbo, Yang Xuwen)

Title: The Memory About You

Chinese Title: 半暖时光 / Ban Nan Shi Guang

Broadcast Network: Jiangsu TV

Broadcast Website: Youku

Broadcast Date: November 24, 2021

Language: Mandarin

Production Company: Youku, Alibaba Pictures, Force Culture, Tangde Wenhua, Guowen Pictures

Executive Producer: Dun Qi

Chief Producer: Dong Xiaoyun

Producer: Li Yongjie

Origin: China

Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Tong Hua


Pain is inevitable in the journey of youth. The story depicts the outlook and choices made by the heroine Yan Xiaochen who has led a tough life. In the face of setbacks, she becomes entangled in a romance between the sunny and handsome Shen Hou and the gentle and wealthy Cheng Zhiyuan.

Post-90s university student Yan Xiaochen (Amelie Xu) was once a happy girl from an ordinary family. A series of incidents during the year of her gaokao (entrance exams) changes everything. Growing up in adversity, she works at a bar just to earn money for tuition. By chance, she meets the wealthy Cheng Zhiyuan (Fu Xinbo) which ignites the jealousy of her boyfriend Shen Hou (Yang Xuwen). After graduating, Yan Xiaochen and Shen Hou manage to overcome the setbacks in their careers. Their relationship was also stable so they decide to get married.

On the night of their wedding, Yan Xiaochen suddenly learns that Shen Hou’s mother was the reason why her father died. With the wedding off, Shen Hou flees to the United States to mend a broken heart. Yan Xiaochen has no choice but to turn to Cheng Zhiyuan to help her out of trouble. When she was most vulnerable, Cheng Zhiyuan protected her and she grew to be strongly reliant on him. However, Shen Hou’s return has brought along some shocking revelations. Coming to a realization, Yan Xiaochen makes an emotional decision.

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